Monday, May 14, 2012

the natural workshop

My hubby's mama took our little ones out of town to visit her mama so I had the whole day to myself no distractions. The best gift ever.  So I had a productive day doing what ever I please which included some play, a walk around our hood with my mom and my hubby pickin' some plants to transplant at our house, a bike ride to dinner and a late movie comfy on our couch. So nice.

This is what I spent some of my mother's day time on.  It's far from finished but I really like it so far. I think it's going to inspire me to put some of my focus back into the oils.  So many things to do so little time. Little by little it will all happen. Actually, on Friday at the last minute before heading out Arts & Fleas we bottled and labeled some of our pure homemade Cypress oil. We created an antique wood and moss display and we brought them to Genterie Supply Co., our friends men's clothing boutique in downtown Lafayette. Our display fit quite nicely in his store, it's one of those old exposed brick buildings. We are excited to see how his customers receive our locally harvested, distilled, and packaged natural woodsy creation.

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