Tuesday, May 22, 2012

in my dreams

Here are some things that have been in the works for a little while, like most. Silky soft cotton in loose fitting silhouettes. I am dreaming of producing a number of pieces in a selection of colors.  The tank T and the tank tunic. The slinky dolman sleeve top, a tunic/short dress and the crop top as pictured. Colored in a low impact (gentle on our mother earth) dye in indigo as pictured, rust and sunshine creating a variegated marble like effect I really like.

I already have constructed most of the patterns. I think I just need to lengthen the dolman top into a dress. Then of course cut each piece of each garment, then sew each piece, then its time for eachs dye bath. So many things, so few hands. The real challenge for me is getting more than one of each made. Not to mention all the other things I want to/inspired to do. Sheesh. Focus focus focus. I will figure this juggling act out I tell ya!

Ahhh.... to have undisturbed focused time. How my kiddos consume me, but usually (not always) with so much joy and laughter. So much silliness. Believe me I know I am blessed and I am filled with gratitude. Little by little it will happen. It is happening. :)

Also pictured is something else I am currently working on.  Necklaces with African brass and natural stone wrapped on hand worked salvaged copper.

I am hoping to have a selection at the June 1st Bayou Bazaar, if your a local.

>>> stay tuned folks <<<

note // if you would like something you see but can not find it in my shop please just contact me. that would make me very happy.

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